At the moment, I am teaching a course on Research Design for the MSc in Public Administration program and a course on Politics and the Policy Process for the Research Master program in Political Science and Public Administration at Leiden University. The latter is an advanced seminar that offers an innovative integrated perspective on the study of public policy. You can find an old syllabus here.

From February 2016 I will be teaching a short course entitled Answering Explanatory Research Questions for the NIG (Netherlands Institute of Governance), the Dutch Research School for Public Administration and Political Science.

In the past I have designed and taught courses on Institutions of the EU, Formal Models, Europeanization, Decision Making, and others.
I give occasional lectures and talks for non-specialist audiences on topics like European integration and game theory.

You can find a sample of my presentations (in Prezi) here, including this short introduction to the History of the EU.